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    So, I've been having a problem keeping the chain on the bike. First I thought it was the tensioner so I bought the best one I could find.


    Everything was good for about ten miles, then the chain came off again. Not sure if it was the master link or what is going on exactly.

    I have the clutch sprocket and the drive sprocket (freewheel) lined up pretty good, but noticed if I spin the rear tire the freewheel moves back and forth a bit, at max maybe 1/8 of an inch. This seems like a big deal to me, and I believe is the reason the chain is being thrown.

    Can this be corrected? I have the stock rear end that presses over the spokes.


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  3. snarlofdisgust

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    Looks like I need to measure run out with a dial gauge and a grease pen and tighten the bolts up to move the sprocket into a more true position.
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    I have that wheel on order and should be receiving it soon. I already have the Kip spring tensioner and it works great! I have a steel frame 2011 Raleigh Venture 3.0 ready to convert. My current 2006 Raleigh Venture 3.0 (aluminum frame) just sprouted a second crack in the downtube. :( And I just put a new engine on it. 36 miles. In the meantime I have muffler clamps holding it together. This will be my first complete build and I believe I have enough knowledge now to get it right the first time. McMaster Carr is a great resource for hardware too. Good luck with your sprocket.
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    Let me know how that wheel works out for you.
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    I finally got all the parts I needed for the completion of my first build-from-scratch motorized bike. If you decide to go with this hub adapter and sprocket be sure to also get the KMC #415 1/2" x 3/16" "Industrial" (It says tricycle on the box) chain which fits perfectly over the sprocket. The tolerances to the tensioner are very tight but work. The sprocket is truer than I've ever had any sprocket on any wheel. Here are some tear down and rebuilt pictures. Snarl - If your freewheel has 5, 6, or in my case 7 sprockets this wheel will work for you.

    "If it breaks, fix it. If it cracks, throw it away."

    <a><img src="http://www.justico.com/blue_disassembly.gif"></a>

    pirate_cycles_44_wheel.jpg downtube.jpg rear_mount_top.jpg rear_mount_bottom.jpg

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