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    Hi there,

    I'm looking to upgrade the brakes on my 2005 NE-5 as the stopping power is seriously lacking on this thing. (That rear coaster brake has got to be the worst ever produced.)
    I already have an auto-clutch on this bike, so replacing the coaster brake with a different hub is not an issue.

    Does anyone have any experience with the rear drum brake being offered by WhizzerPaul on ebay?

    Any other suggestions for a better rear brake?



  2. butterbean

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    What type of front brake do you have, and how fast do you normally like to go? I cruise between 25 and 30, and I have a Worksman front drum and a Shimano coaster brake in the rear. I rely primarily on the front drum, because the Shimano shoes grab really hard in the back. Guess I haven't broken them in yet, but it's hard to do at motor speeds without skidding or trashing the hub or rim. Anyway, you might look into a front drum and a better rear coaster. Heck, my buddy jbcruisin runs the same on all his bikes, and some of them do about 50. If you are really interested in a rear drum, I suggest looking for an Atom hub that you can lace into a bicycle rim.
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    Thanks for replying butterbean.

    I usually cruise at 30 to 35 mph and occasionally bring it up to top speed (the motor is not stock :devilish:). I have had a few occasions where I've experienced brake fade on long or fast rides with my current setup.

    I currently have the factory Whizzer front drum brake, which when set properly works fairly well, but, I don't want to rely on it doing all the heavy lifting (I've experienced brake fade with it before on longer rides).

    If I'm going through all the trouble of re-lacing a wheel, I'm not going to bother installing another coaster brake. I've had enough experience with them over the years to know I don't like them. Plus, I enjoy riding with a freewheel as it matches my riding style better (ex-BMX rider).
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  4. butterbean

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    Then you'll want to check ebay for an Atom hub (moped type can be laced into a bicycle rim), or you can check out Sturmey Archer or Husky Cycles for pre-built.