rear engine scooter project

well ive got a new scooter. $25 bucks for the rolling chasis. i swapped the stock rims for 500CD rims (their lighter and stronger) i have a rear mount, off my alternator project, and i think a 2hp briggs with a centrifugal clutch will fit real nice behind the seat. this will allow me to have a standup/sitdown, and it will be more driveable, and it wont burn your leg(s) it will have all the plastics too. it wont be a speed demon, just something to putt around, and it will have good breaks also (thats a 1st)
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Dec 18, 2021
i have had this project on the back burner. i am working on a tracked scooter, and swapping my big scooter to 4o chain, and fighting with EOGs, and other school related junk. also im playing with the design for a 6 speed overdrive trans for my suzuki motor. i have slowly been piling up parts for this. i have got the drivetrain parts here, and the exhaust, and throttle bracket drew up and printed (and i put the suport material on the wrong side, thats why the arm looks hideous), the only thing im waiting on is a comicly long cable, for the throttle. i also need to put on the clutch, and rear sprocket, etc, etc

the wobbleybike is doing well, it gets rode a decent bit still. everyone who rides it says its thier favorite bike, by far, i think ist because if the 7 speeds, speaking of which, i put 99 giant sedona wheels and tires on it, (people say they want the tires off it, and they are valuable or something like that..., i respond by doing a burnout. they work fantastic in the mud., as they are called mud dawgs, and they have good tread. as well as a m3ooo sr suntour, (im surprised i havent blown it out yet, (i hate suntours), to make it jump a bit better. i sent it off my 4 foot mtb ramp, and it went fine. i dont have pics, i was alone.) sadly the front wheel is straight...