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    I love to ride this thing and am wanting to improve it.
    Somewhere I read that if the motor locks up it's over the handlebars and to the lleft we go and here that is into the traffic lane'
    My spokes are showing the stress caused by the rag joints and would like to upgrad but don't want to go with a shift kit. The instructions for the shift kit say to get the bike rolling then let out the clutch and peddelto get the motor starting.
    If I had a wheel built with the grubee freewheeling hub couldn't I do that with the HT without the shift kit?
    Any advise would be appreciated as the more I read the confused I get and then just go cruise around.

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    With all theft controll devises off and fuel on:
    Prime carb. push and hold it or tap it for a while.
    Choke it lever all the way up. if engine is warm 1/2 choke.
    pedal. get moving at a fairly good pace.
    release clutch.
    should fire. use the clutch to coast but keep engine going. warm a while turn off choke.
    Pedal again if it stalls out you going to slow and know why your spokes are taken a beating. Or.
    Maybe the rag joint isn't tight enough.
    In a post yesterday one of best said comments i have seen here was posted. Short version rear wheel is very important ,do it right.
    check the rag joint and pedal faster.
    good luck
  3. akeyma

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    I should elaborate:
    On my initial runs 9 months ago the chain came apart twice due to bad link behind the master joint from improperly breaking the first chain causing the chain to wrap in the spokes damaging them.
    Now I find that I'd prefer to ride the bike over driving the car and want to build a better wheel.
    Maniac mechanic looks good but no freewheel. Stanton has freewheel but doesn't seem to have the 44 tooth sprocket. Thinking about the Grubee with the freewheel but not using the break. So looking for advice on which way to go.
    This brings me to the other question:
    The rear hubs with freewheels seem to be recommended for bikes with pull start kits ie rack mounts. The starting instructions for the shift kits say to get the bike rolling, let out clutch, come out of saddle with peddles in proper position and turn over engine. If a freewheel rear hub was used on a standard HT install couldn't it also be started this way?
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    With a freewheel hub, you can't start an HT by pedaling. You'll need either the Grubee solid hub, or a sprocket attatched to a disc brake hub.
  6. akeyma

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    Grubee it will be.
    I read one post about flying over the handlebars and took it at face value. When I was a kid I once hit a brick on the road and went over the handlebars of my beloved stingray. Even though it was 40 years ago anytime I hear over and handlebars in the same sentence it still gets my attention.
  7. HoughMade

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    Oh, it's happened. Not, however, from the rear locking up- from the front locking...usually from a fender into the spokes!