Rear mounted 4-stroke on a standard/premium rear rack mount???


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Nov 16, 2015
Hello folks. From another post regarding a bmx bike, an interesting picture came up of a 4-stroke motor rear mounted on what seems like a standard rear rack. The picture only shows the plastic face of the motor but it doesn't even seem if there is a complex transmission on the motor, but rather probably just a straight shaft to the rear wheel sprocket. I was always under the impression that you needed a properly built rear rack mount for a 4-stroke motor. Could you really simply mount a 4-stroke motor on a standard or premium rear rack? I mean if you could, I think this provides significant advantages over a frame mounted engine or a rear friction system:

- Eliminates the specific frame size restrictions of a 4-stroke
- Lowers costs (just need engine with straight shaft and sprocket, chain, gas tank, and other minor things)
- Provides a super easy install (put on rear rack, put on motor, put on chain, and hook up lines)

I only used 2-stroke engine so I have no idea of the mount requirements for a 4 stroke. And, lol, I also been posting way too much... :eek:




while its not a four stroke, its better, ive been running a rear mount from the start.the first two generations were multiple speed 26" mountain bikes mounted with the garelli noi motor hung off the left side with 1" square tubing, a front fork for the rear mount and a scissor jack screw for adjusting chain. ran around 40mph one day into the side of a careless motorist. rear spoke replacement became to much for me to deal with so it sat till i made a bad purchase of a chinese ebike. an aowa sold by the predetor business phoenix produce / phoenix ebikes an theres many others with different names see the whole story here
so i took this pos which has a rear rack, and mounted the garelli motor on it, bolted a sprocket to the e-hub. its a daily rider now
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