Rear Mounted Gas Tank

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    I think a rear rack will work on the bike. There are adapters for bikes without a middle mounting slot for about $5-10, but you could obviously make your own.

    Further, if it is a concern about clearance I think you should be fine with even stock 26" rear mounts. I have the cheapest 26" rear rack and it has a high clearance from the wheel. You can always get one for 700 and 28" bikes for extra clearance. Also, buy it from Walmart or a local store so you can just experiment and return if it does not clear the bike.

    In terms of the gas tank, I made a super cheap one with a 1 gallon gas container mounted to the rear rack. I really love the 1 gallon setup. I don't have to worry about gas usage at all. The gas container conversion is difficult because you will need something to release the vacuum pressure so I would not recommend it for someone new. However, aim for the 4L tank you would love not worrying about gas.

    That bike is very nice. The rear and front fender are essential if you ever want to ride on semi-wet+ roads. On my next bike, I would definitely have that. I rode yesterday in lightly wet roads and my jacket was muddy by the time I got to my destination... :eek:
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    Thanks guys!