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  1. MalakTheBeast

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    This design sure brings me a lot of hope in converting my Mountain Bike with front and rear suspensions to a motorized bike. Now my bike has the new style gear and derailleur selectors made right into the ends of the grips, what would I do having to convert the right side to a throttle handle suggestions please. I know I could use a dual lever for the left side for the front and rear brakes but my only question is with the gear selector then I would guess, yes I'm quite new at all of this.

  2. Wheres my dog

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    Not sure what you mean by "built in" to the grips???

    Do you mean the kind you turn with the circle created by your thumb and pointer finger?

    You could always use a thumb lever for the throttle as I do... it is fairly comfortable and fits right in as well!
  3. Tanaka40

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    You can have it all....

    Malak, The GEBE system is perfect for a dual suspension MB , Just take a look at their web page and you will see several MB conversions. If you are looking at a friction drive system, then Staton, Motorbikes and others can fill the bill.
    I have a Mongoose MB with the Shimano rapid fire system wich has the brake handles incorporated in the shifters and a thumb throttle works great with the handle bars. Send me a PM and I can send pics or give more info.:detective:
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    Also, you really will not need the shifter on the left side because you will not need the gears with engine assist. Pick a gear on the crank sprocket set and leave it there- un hook the controls for it.
    If you ever need a lower gear for an engine problem or run out of gas, you can always flip the drive chain onto a smaller chain ring by hand.
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    Nah, I would leave bike shifters to themselves, in your case.:detective:

    Gears are ALWAYS handy.:cool:

    I would install a thumb throttle on the handlebar, left or right side your choice. They're spring-loaded, and its cable can be secured more loosely than the bike's shift cable. They probably come with the GEBE kit.

    And don't worry about too many levers on the handlebar. I've had two brake levers AND two throttle levers on my cruiser, "The Dragon Lady". Your mind will remember which lever controls what.:detective:

    If or when you decide to remove the motorized kit, the thumb throttle and its cable removes in a few minutes. All bike controls are unaffected.
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    I agree that gears are very handy especaily climbing hills. 5-7HEAVEN, You are correct that the GEBE system does come with a thumb throttle. I had no problems with mounting my throttle and IF you have smaller handlebars, a hose clamp can be used instead of the standard clamp. :helmet:
  7. loquin

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    And, if you needed a thumb-throttle with a little more 'reach,' I've seen ATV thumb throttles, with a larger 'thumb paddle' that might work for you.