Wanted Rear Rack Mount Fuel Tank

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by sactownie, Jul 14, 2013.

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    I really want/need a Rear Rack Mounted Fuel Tank, the kind that mounts under the rack. BGF on ebay sales a 3 liter without the rack but of course theres no clue as to what rack it fits.
    Dax has one with a rack but the pictures are not very clear, I cant tell if its aluminum or steel?
    I need a really tough rack with the fuel tank similar to a blackburn rack I have had in the past but with a fuel tank on the bottom of it so I can still use the top of the rack. Anyone have 1 for sale or have any ideas where to get one or is that one DAX sells good strong quality?

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    well its $31.49 with tax and shipping from spookytooth. bikeberry is listing the same part for $39.99 before tax and shipping. has anyone here ordered from spookytooth? I need to be able to get this part sometime in the next week and 1/2.
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    There is no Spooky Tooth company now because all of Spooky Tooths assets and inventory
    were bought by BikeBerry and of course this included the Spooky Tooth website.

    Ordering from Spooky Tooth is exactly the same as ordering from BikeBerry and if you
    would check their phone #'s and addresses you will see they are the same.

    I presume that Bikeberry will honor the lower price if you order it from their Spooky Tooth
    website but you will be charged CA sales tax.

    Spooky Tooth used to be physically located in AZ.

    Gasbike.net is another mbing company that has multiple websites for the same company
    for marketing reasons.

    Personally I find it rather dishonest and misleading.
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    I ordered it, they said I would have it in 1 week or less. We will see. I don't like the look of the rack, it looks to not be very solid but I suppose I can use a different rack like a blackburn.