Sprockets Rear rim sprocket mounting

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by Dn0rk, May 7, 2011.

  1. Dn0rk

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    I am trying to install the rear sprocket includet with the grubee kits, but my hub flanges are too high and dont allow the bolts to pass through the spokes. Any suggestions??:shout:.

  2. DuctTapedGoat

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    1. Get an HD Axle kit.

    2. Get a disc wheel, drill holes in your sprocket, and mount to the rotor mount.

    3. Just get a new back wheel if you're going to go with the stock rag joint setup. It's a terrible setup anyways and will destroy your wheel.
  3. Dn0rk

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    thanks ducttaped goat, i am only tryin to spend around 50 dollars, what would you reccomend for that price range?
  4. DuctTapedGoat

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    You can get the basic HD axle kit for just under 50, but unless you know how to lace a wheel, you'd have to pay a shop to do it.

    I picked up a disc wheel from a local bike shop for actually exactly 50 dollars. Granted, I also called EVERY bike shop in the area to find that price. And unless you have the tools and/or cassette for it, you might have to buy a cheap single speed ring and spacers.

    Absolute cheapest route is to go to a thrift shop and grab up a cheap bike that has the same size wheel. Usually you can score with 20 bucks, and that'd get you a wheel that you can use until it dies with the ragjoint. Then, you have spare parts galore! Brake levers, cables, cable housing, brake pads, bearings, forks, cranks, fenders, front wheels, chain, grips, handlebars, tires etc etc.
  5. retromike3

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    bad wheel, bad performance

    The thing I did not skimp on was my rear wheel. I went with Shimano Deore XT rear hub with a disk brake flange. I did get a pretty good deal on it but I still had to lace it up with a new set of spokes and a new rim. I used a old new stock Bontrager rim I had lying around and laced them up with a 32 spoke DT fourteen strait gauge, four cross. Then I ordered a top hat kit from KIngs along with a 36 tooth cog.

    I did find out that with my souped up motor I rattled the blots that came stock with the kit loose and had to replace them with harder bolts and then blue lock tight the heck out of them to keep them in place.

    I also found that if you are going to ride that set up every day than you must be peppered to be able to tighten up the rear hub on a 2009 Shimano rear disk brake hub..

    The Shimano service manual explains that you need to disassemble the hub completely and place in the hub a number of shims in the system to make up for the wear on the races I just tore the hub down to that point and then Tighten the cone down and then applied lock tight the axel and the cone. Its still holding (fingers Crossed)

    So now I have a very sturdy rear hub with a indexed eight speed set up and a solid mount for my rear cog that is directly bolted to the hub and not sandwiched between the hub and the spokes on the side of the wheel that has the most horsepower and torc.

    I have probably spent more money on the rear wheel than I did on the engine (Just the extra stainless steel hardware set me back about fifty bucks.

    I think it was money and time well spent because it still works after two engines( both 66 with a tuned pipe)