Rear spokes broke

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  1. Kep1a

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    Hi all,
    Long time since I've been active on the forum.

    I'm in need of a set of rear spokes for a 2005 NE5. Local bike shops can't find the correct diameter and length combination. They say light weight is where things are nowadays and that size just isn't available.

    Also need a NE5 carburetor bowel O-ring or the size information of one that fits.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. MotorbikeMike

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    Hi those spokes are .105 and are common in Cruiser Bikes. I think I have a set, but they would be for 26 inch wheels. Your carb is a chinese copy of Kie Hin, should be available, I don't have spares of those.

  3. Kep1a

    Kep1a New Member

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for your reply. Mine is a 26" can we discuss what it would entail to get a set?

    Any idea of where I should look for parts for a KieHin and what model I should look for? I found some kits but their nothing like what I have. Will a round O-ring work? anyone know what size would fit?