Sprockets Rear Sprocket mounts! Anyone know where to buy these?

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  1. f4lloutdiablo

    f4lloutdiablo New Member

    So I've been trying to think up a good way to mount the rear sprocket and the best way is either the hd axle or the way that helio does it on their bikes. Is there any way we could buy something like the one in this picture?

  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Manic Mechanic sells custom sized sprocket adapters at www.mmbikeparts.com
    and through Piston Bikes and Bikeberry.
  3. f4lloutdiablo

    f4lloutdiablo New Member

    Thank you! but has anyone ever found it for cheaper than on those websites?
  4. loquin

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    No... and I don't think you ever be able to get a semi-custom sprocket mount for less. Although the material cost per unit isn't that much, there's a fair amount of time that goes into machining them. Depreciation on the lathe/mill and tooling. Overhead costs like space/heat/electricity. And, since the folks who are doing the machining are running a business, there's the profit to be included...
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  5. f4lloutdiablo

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    That's definitely understandable! but man I'm going down that road even if it is a bit expensive. I'd rather buy once instead of ruining even more spokes and rims