Sprockets Rear Sprocket on a Disc Brake Hub

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    My bike has two disc brakes instead of v-brakes so my wheel hubs have flanges that extend outwards in order to hold the disc in place. Unfortunately, this keeps me from putting the rear sprocket on the wheel... Are these wheel hub pieces generally removable or do I need to either get the disc brake sprocket adapter or a new rear wheel? I would prefer the sprocket adapter but I didn't get any response from King Sales and Service when I left a message about their top hat adapter. Is there anyone else who can make me a sprocket?

    Anyway, here is a picture which will hopefully help illustrate the problem...



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    Yes - that's ManicMechanic's stuff - it's top rate. At one point (3-5 months ago,) he was having some delivery issues, but, it appears that he's caught up now.
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    Hey guys, Jim from ManicMechanic posted on teh other site that he is closing shop. I think he said that if you want something, it has to be ordered by Nov 2.
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    I actually talked to Jim from Manic Mechanic and was surprised when he told me that he was trying to clear out old orders and that he couldn't sell me a disc brake mounted sprocket.

    I then talked to Andyinchville and ordered a 34 tooth sprocket (since it is his most commonly made sprocket) and a top hat adapter.

    What is your opinion on the 34 tooth sprocket? I got it over a 40 tooth because it's a bit cheaper and it should allow me to use both my disc brake and the top hat adapter. Clearance is very tight near my chain stays so I would rather have a sprocket that would fit for sure and buy a bigger sprocket later.
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    More like....going out of business problems.