rear sprocket problems

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Timothy lucas, Mar 26, 2016.

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    Ok..I just built Genesis 29" beach Cruiser. ..but. .the rear sprocket will not comfortable fit due to it having more spokes that normal bike rims. I have a standard 44 tooth sprocket with 9 holes. anyone have any idea what I can do to make this sprocket fit without buying more stuff?

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    Not sure about the exact problem. If the spokes are preventing you from securing all bolts than that is not ideal but fine. You can ride around with 1-3 bolts missing if they are not all from one section of the rag joint. Based on the orientation of your spokes you will just need to find the strongest spokes (highest density) for bolts versus isolated spokes. Ideally you would just buy a CNC sprocket adapter that wraps around the axle of your wheel. You can also drill new holes into the sprocket to secure off centered bolts. But, I think you should be fine if 1-3 bolts are missing as long as they are not from the same section and the other bolts are optimized around the strongest spokes.
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    rather than leave bolts out, it is better to loosen a couple spokes that are blocking bolts from getting through, bend the spoke a bit to get bolts through, then tighten the spokes when bolts are in

    a spoke doesn't need to be straight to keep the rim true, just needs to have the correct tension on it

    if you don't own a spoke wrench, or know how to true a wheel, you may need help with this
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    Busted spokes and headaches, buy a clamshell.
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    I'd just get a rear hub sprocket adapter but that might not work right either with the higher spoke count. Not sure. The adapter is a hell of a lot easier to work with though lol.
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    drill more holes in the sprocket on a new circle... borrow the mudflaps off someones car for the rubber... find some nice 8-10mm tube from say, a chair or similar thingy (or buy a wad punch for a few dollars) to punch holes in the rubber.

    i dont mind missing bolts out myself, but i always try to stay in multiples of 3 (with standard 36 spokes) to keep any distortion/warps even.
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    For me it's easier, assembly and alignment. Don't forget some thread loc.or you could check out the cast wheels I don't know if they have a 29 though. Mzmiami
  8. Any untrue spokes is a bad thing, I know this personally. I had tightened my spokes as mentioned earlier and those spokes eventually bent outwards and caught my chain and ripped it off then spun it around my rear sprocket!!! I was left with a trashed rim a twisted up chain and had to cancel my pants! LOL! I went with mags that I mistakenly purchased from also know as I received my mags with stripped threads on the rear where my sprocket screws on. MY PEDAL SPROCKET ON THE RIGHT. not much help from them kingsmotors "we sell junk from China it's all junk from China what do you expect?" "AND we are the last people you want to ask for information" I WAS FLOORED! Not to mention a melted throttle cable, missing hardware from Arch idler chain tensioner, got cheap rubber grips NO THROTTLE!!!! & MY "speed carburetor" is just a standard carburetor. They sent me a throttle new cable & new hardware for chain tensioner. STILL MISSING SPACERS! !!!! WTF???? I had to rethread my mag. I am done with them. VERY HAPPY WITH MOTOREDBIKES.COM

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