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    I received a HT kit from BGF last Fri..Order was placed the preceding Sun. and was shipped the next day...5 days across the U.S. to Florida from California is not bad..The kit was very well packaged and seems to be complete...My question is this:...The rear sprocket in the kit is drilled with the standard 9 hole bolt pattern...But, in addition to the 9 holes an additional 5, slightly larger hole pattern in also drilled...These 5 larger larger holes are in a slightly smaller circular pattern and sometimes are partially drilled into the 9 hole bolt pattern...Anyone know what this is all about??????????????

  2. Hi,

    There was another post somewhere about that very same issue...I cant recall the outcome tho...I will look for it later and if I can find it I will post the link for you.

    Hope this helps you.

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    Prolly two patterns for two different sets of rims... one pattern for certain no. of spokes??
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    The five hole pattern will most likely fit a forty spoke wheel. The nine holes are for thirty-six spokes. Forty spoke wheels were the standard many years ago, and still in many third world countries.