Sprockets rear sprocket sizes?

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by emdude, Feb 25, 2009.

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    Even though I can make it up any hill in my area, and there are many, I live in the mountains, the engine does strain a bit up some of them. Also considering that many of the streets in my area are in such poor shape that top speed is less of a concern since you get almost beaten off the bike if going too fast I'm seriously considering going to a larger rear sprocket on my bike. My kit came with a 44 tooth for the rear.

    Any one have any experience with how significant the road power gains are with larger rear sprocket?

    I don't look forward to replacing it...it took forever to get the one I had on perfect but I managed.


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    HI Emdude if you are not worried about speed put on a 48 tooth . I weigh over 200lbs and i can go up any hill with it. I go about 28mph on a flat and can take right off.
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    You have about 10% more push and 10% less speed and may be more trouble keeping the sprockets aligned
  4. Hi Emdude,

    The largest sprocket we have made so far for motored bike use was a 65T sprocket for a man in England that wanted to ride on trails in the woods and across fields.

    In his case slow speed / high torque was a definite plus.

    FWIW - For each tooth you add over the stock 44T you will lose approximately 1 MPH
    on the top end (assuming a 26" wheel)....Of course you slow speed riding
    will be smoother (if you go too slow on the 44T the engine may start "bucking"
    this will also happen eventually with a larger rear sprocket BUT at a lower speed)
    and your hill climbing power will increase.

    Hope this helps you.