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    My bike has the stock 41 tooth rear sprocket (i'm using a 20" frame with 20" wheels). the 41 tooth sprocket works fine, but with the smaller 20" wheels, it seems to wind out too soon. I am still getting + - 30 mph top speeds, but i am wondering if i put the 36 tooth rear sproket on, how much i will gain.
    it takes off fine with the 41 tooth sprocket but i am wondering how much i will loose on the take off by going to to a 36 tooth.
    i think the 20" wheels makes it geared a little higher with the 41 tooth sprocket than if i had 26" wheels. so in reality the 41 tooth sprocket on the 20" wheel may be compairable to a 56 tooth sprocket on a 26" wheel.
    i don't know, but i would like the motor to not rev so high when i am running @ 20 mph, but i don't want to loose a ton of bottom end torque on the take off.
    Maybe by going to the 36 tooth sprocket on my 20" wheel, it will be compairable to a 41 tooth on a 26" wheel?
    I'm thinking gear ratios for cars because the taller (lower) your differential gear is the taller your tires should be. if you have a low gear (higher numerically) in the differential with short tires, it will wind out very soon.
    by putting taller tires on a low gear (higher numerically), you will gain some top end, but loose some bottom end.
    does this make sense to anyone?

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    I run a 36T on a 48cc with 26 inch wheels.
    The bike really moves.

    I have to peddle a little to start off but not much.

    With my 60cc i'll prolly run a 30T on the 26".