Rear stand on '05 Whizzer

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  1. Whizzer 58

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    I'm looking to find a rear axle stand for an '05 24" whizzer. I saw some bike stands on ebay but they don't look strong enough.. It has to clear the the muffler...Does anyone make something like this for the newer Whizzers...thanks

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    I think I got mine from Memory Lane Classics. They have the listed. I think they use the same one for a 24 inch bike but I'm not sure.

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  3. Whizzer 58

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    rear stand

    Thanks for the information, I'll put an order in...thanks again.
  4. Whizzer 58

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    The picture you show does not look like the one (#355B) on there site...Is there a number on your stand?...
  5. KilroyCD

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    The one Jim has is #229 W-Z Drop Stand listed towards the bottom of the page in the Whizzer Parts index, "Whizzer Parts" section. The #355B drop stand with ears (which is in the "Bike Parts" section) is probably a little too lightweight for a Whizzer. I have one of those on my 1936 Elgin, and it is about half the weight of the Whizzer drop stand.
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    look at 229 drop stand $75

    Also look at 228 $15. It that clip that hook to fender so it don't drag when riding.
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  7. Whizzer 58

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    Found it, I didn't scroll down far enough on the page. thanks