Rear tire spins fast at idle

Thanks again. I haven't had the chance to disassemble to see if the bell turns freely over the pads but I feel you may have found the solution. Hope so - hard to believe, but I'm having a tough time finding a replacement clutch. Thanks again for your help, it's much appreciated. Bill
The one I showed you on E-Bay is the same as the one you have now and will fit. If for whatever reason the bell will not push on easily just sand the pads down a little first.
I just wanted to remind you that my tire spins also, but only when it's up on the kickstand. There's enough drag on the clutch to make this happen. It's normal. I stop mine by applying the rear brake, or just putting it on the ground.
Thanks, Michael - even on the ground my tire spin like a dragster burning rubber! I just ordered the clutch you recommended - after owning vintage English bikes for 50 years, I can't get over the prices! An o ring can cost as much as this clutch. As always, thank you.