Rear Wheel Disc Conversion Kits Available.

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by milegajo, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. milegajo

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    We are pleased to announce we are coming to the final stages of developing a front and rear wheel disc brake conversion set up, see pic below. If you would be interested in purchasing when released, please get in touch so we know how big a manufacturing run to do, and how viable this endeavour will be.
    This wheels are currently to be sold fully built but we can possibly supply retro fit kits to those with know how.

    Thanks Guys,

    Happy Riding


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  2. retro kit probably most suitable for the MB site users as I assume there is a greater skill / need to DIY. however lloks good
  3. milegajo

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    The calipers clamp onto the frame, really straight forward...

    thanks for looking!
  4. outrunner2

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    Looks great, especially the front wheel with disc brakes.
    Keep us posted and inform us on price and availability.
    I'm definitely interested!