rear wheel drag

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    The problem now is it feels like it has drag when fully clutched, and won't stay running,.... Is it posible to have the bolts on the hub to tight, causing drag?

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    No, its not likley that you tightened the nuts too much. Hubs have spacers that prevent too much pressure from being but on the bearings causing too much friction. Or in the case of loose bearings, cones are locked in place on the axle with nuts.

    What I would do is disconnect the engine from the wheel, however that may be. I have no idea what mount type or drive type you have. If it's a chain take it off the wheel sprocket, if its a friction drive raise the shaft off of the wheel. The idea in doing this is to make sure the wheel can spin freely after disconnecting the engine drive. If it cant spin freely then I would make sure your brakes are properly adjusted and go to the bearings afterward because you'd likely have a wheel bearing problem, it could be something as simple as a bearing cone out of adjustment.

    If it does spin freely than you will want to look at the engine and transmission.
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