Rear Wheel Getting Beat to Death

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Timbone, Sep 25, 2014.

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    The title just about says it all: my motor bike is running great. So smooth, so dependable. So cool! But, man,I rode right thru the thick mountain bike tire I started with. Figured that was to be expected because that tire wasn't designed to cruise 25 mph on the road. Ride was getting really rough and some threads were starting to show in the tire.

    So I picked up a thick cruiser tire from Wally World and removed the rear wheel. I always true the wheel and the sprocket before putting the tire back on. The good news: the thick flat resistant Slime tubes seem to have solved my flat problems. But when I took a good look at the rim, geez, the thing has several warps on it. How to true a warped rim???

    I got a Crescent wrench and one place at a time, tried to make a straight rim. Results were decent. The wheel ended being pretty straight and I was able to get eh sprocket to close to perfect. I've seen lots of bicycle rims over the years and there was no real structural damage. The bearings are smooth and rolling nicely.

    This steel wheel is taking a beating. It is hard to bend it!

    My ride with the new tire is much smoother but I have given up on the idea of a smaller sprocket to increase top end cruise. I don't think the wheel could take it!