Rear wheel/hub option?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by mrnemo, Feb 12, 2011.

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    I started working on my cleveland welding company cruiser getting it ready to paint and plan on ordering a motor soon. Either s 80cc(66)chinese or going with a small briggs and stratton. Will the stock wheel/hub hold up to the power or are there any other options available? I plan on adding front and rear brakes aswell. Thanks

  2. Chris Crew

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    I have a CWC vintage '37-'41 that I ran the old drop center rims on for a while. The back was a little out of round, and the front, well, even though it is a quality wheel from the good old days, just seemed brittle---like it might just collapse at any minute.

    I replaced the front with a worksman drum brake on 12 ga spokes and the rear with a 12 ga set up from custom motorized bikes.

    Since I am running the old skip-tooth chain, I had to grind every other tooth off of the rear cog.
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    Rear hub

    Chris thanks for the info I appreciate It. I actually have a worksman for my everyday bike I was able to pick up cheap for shirt trips I love it. Not sure how much you know but throwing it out there. My cwc has a skip tooth as well with a serial number under the bottom brack D44236. Any thoughts on year? Thanks again.
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    Check at had a cwc project going on for a while. Mine didn't have a serial #, but was datable within a couple of years by the pedals and fender stays.