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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by tskrem, Oct 17, 2009.

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    ever since i got my engine kit my back wheel has begun to wobble. a mate told me it is problem the bearings and that i should get them tightened or replaced. i went to the bike shop to get them replaced and they told me that the problem is inside the hub and that if i was to buy another wheel it will happen again... what should i do... what do u guys do... is it just a once off problem or what.. i need to present my bike for my school project pretty soon so im not sure...
    any comments are appreciated.

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    IF the problem is inside the hub(not the bearings though) see Tony in the bike stall at the Port Market on Sundays & get him(or do it yourself) to make-up one of his sealed-bearing heavy duty wheels(with 13G S/S spokes)
    If it's just your bearings take a sample into him & get replacements,OR take your whole wheel in there & let him diagnose & repair the problem.
    Bike shops are a ripp-of & they don't like us anyway.
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    yeah the guy said take it to bernie jones cycles because they work on problems like those...
    ill probebly take it there.. but i am unsure..