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    hi everyone - when I last posted on here, I was having chain problems. My rear wheel and sprocket turned out to be warped, so I took the wheel off and also removed the sprocket.

    I have a friend who has a new rear wheel for me, so that solves one problem, but I'm still pondering how to straighten/flatten the sprocket. I'm also wondering whether its possible to modify the rear wheel so that when pedaling, the engine drive chain doesn't need to be driven also. Does such a thing exist ? Is that what this axle does for you ?

    as MM would say - now I want to: drive that thing

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    That is what the freewheel is for, but it will only work on a pull start engine. If that is what you have, it's a good piece.
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    The hub you've linked to does not freewheel. It just allows you to mount the driven sprocket to the hub flange rather than to the spokes. does have a rear hub that does come with a left hand threaded freewheel that the driven sprocket can attach to but if you use one of these you need to have a motor with a pull /rope start. If you are using one of the chinese 2-stroke motors you don't want a freewheeling driven sprocket.

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    ok, so I measured the runout/warpage on my sprocket, and its about 0.053" at the the most extreme point - I think that's not too bad - likely not enough to cause the chain to fall off. So now I would like to mount the sprocket onto a rear wheel, and I have more questions - would I be better off using this -

    or something like this top hat adapter -

    Also, here's a pic of the rear wheel that came off of my bike - it looks to me like the adapter would have no way to mount to the hub - what do you guys figure ?

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    The Top Hat adapter is specifically designed to allow you to mount one of the standard 9-hole sprockets to a hub designed for Disc Brakes, so I don't think its what you are looking for unless the wheel you are getting from your friend has a disc brake hub. The Grubee hub you have linked to allows you to mount the sprocket to the left side flange of the hub rather than the spokes of the wheel. This hub will require you to get your rear wheel rebuilt/laced into your current rim. Be aware that the grubee hub has the flanges drilled to take the larger dia. 12g spokes.

  6. johnny q

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    thanks for the excellent info, osc - it sounds like you've been there before.

    So it looks like that hub will do it. Now I have to take a few minutes and figure out where the closest dealer would be.
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    ride that straight THING

    well for that sprocket

    a large hammer on a flat surface

    but - I would perfer to take it to a machine shop -- large press
    should take press operator -- 2 minutes to smash and straighten at most
    that's including time to adjust press for height requirement

    ride that straight THING