Rear wheel woes...


Large Filipino

The only wheel spoke problem I've had was the stock diamond back rear rim. Somehow the spokes kept loosening and I had to push a spoke out of the way to get the sprocket on. It's a fairly expensive rim as far as bicycles used as bicycles go with the quick connect wing nut but I soon gave up on this. My replacement rim is from a 10 dollar thrift store Huffy 26" mountain bike you find all over the place. This is a cheap rim as far as rims go and is plentiful.
What I noticed about this rim immediately is that it readilly accepted the solid tube installation and I never worry about a flat again.
The sprocket went on like this is the prototype rim used by the Chineese to measure the holes cause it was an effortless installation with no spokes getting in the way.
And it's been almost 800 miles now since I switched my rim and the spokes are still tight.
So as far as Happy time goes,in my experience,most of these happy times around the world are probably on very cheap bikes.
And thin spoke or thick spokes, if the aligment of these spokes are off,your gonna have problems.



Depends on the weight of the rider to.
Sounds strange but the only truely effective way i could think of to reduce overall "all-up" weight is with me.I'm on a diet so if i can loose 10-20Lbs i figure my bikes would appreciate it......they'd better. :)

the wheelmaster

I saw a comercial with Payton Manning, it went like this, "Bummed out about that gut ? well, unless your under 25, those six pack abs probably aren't going to happen, my advise, buy some bigger shirts ! " LOL, had me rolling ! ! hahahaha, of course I support anyone on a diet, nothing wrong at all with embraceing a healthier lifestyle, but if it doesn't work for whatever reason, I can supply bigger spokes, lol....