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    the other day i was looking at my rear wheel and realized how loose my spokes are . i was curious to know if there was some special wheel that you could put on there so its still pedal assisted but has a fixed sprocket that wouldn't bend the spokes.
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    I'm guessing the answer is probably no.If you could figure a way to attach those sprockets to a plastic bmx compsite wheel you guys would really have something.Until that time I would suggest pedaling to 5-7 MPH before hitting the throttle, then easing the throttle in-out, or getting a heavy duty wheel/spokes.It's fast hard acceleration/decelerations and/or not having the sprocket firmly affixed.Here's a good/easy truing site:
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    keeping the spokes tight & the chain adjusted usually works well for most folks

    another option is the sprocket with a 6 hole mount that will bolt to the disk brake area of a hub that has one (possibly with need for a top hat adapter if the chain needs a bit more room to clear the frame

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    Hey Baz..
    I use a sprocket hub adapter.It clamps directly around the HUB of your wheel.They make different types ,they're not cheep,but shop around,usually you can get the sprocket and the adapter in a set around $80.for instance>>
    Look around at the venders on this site and you will prolly get a great's adapterw/sprocket cost me almost as much as my entire bicycle..well worth it.Solid as a rock..
  5. LR Jerry

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    A hub adaptor would be your best bet. 12 gauge stainless steel quality spokes installed in a cross 4 pattern on a 36 hole minimum double walled rim might work also.
  6. Big Red

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    All great advice so far. A hub adapter on a STEEL rim with at least 12 guage spokes. The Rag Joint works OK but it can loosen spokes, I'll never use a rag joint on any my personal bikes again.buT Most customers wont put out the $50 To $80 extra for a hub adapter. So I have no choice but to use Rag joints on customer builds.
    Big Red.
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  7. Loose Nut

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    If you want to go all out, use a hub from a Puch or Motobecane moped, lace it with 10g spokes to a double wall rim. Your get much improved brakes in the process. Rusty moped wheels can often be found for affordable prices. You wouldn't be using the spokes or 17" or 19" rim anyway. The moped wheels have a bicycle freewheel on the right, and a fixed sprocket on the right. Different size sprockets are available.
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    I bought a hub adapter after I found my spokes loose. I took off the rag joint sprocket that came with the engine kit I noticed that I had 6 broken spokes.
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    Thanks for all the reply's. would have said thanks earlier but internet has been playing up.
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    Hi Loosenut,
    What "mopeds" have a freewheel on the right? I have an PUCH Allstate Moped (has pedals) it has no freewheel on the right. But, of course, it's a '62. Not flaming, just learning.
    Yes, those moped wheels are on Ebay, both front and rear. I was looking at adapting them to my Hiawatha frame together with the moped suspension fork, as well.
  11. Loose Nut

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    Allstate: sweet bike. I would love to have one. I was thinking of the more common Puch Maxi, Motobecane Mobylette, and Puegeot (102 and 103 I think) In looking at moped front forks, keep in mind that most of them have springs, but no shock/dampener. There are a few with dampeners aka "Hydros". As I'm sure you know, most mopeds use 16 or 17" rims, with a tire diameter around 21" to 23". You are likely to have clearance issues with larger tires. The early mopeds from the 1950's had larger tires, sometimes 19" or larger. Tires are expensive for those, but outperform bicycle tires at speed.
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    Here's a pic....of my PED

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