Clutch Reassembling clutch - cover with clutch arm won't attach

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    Sorry, I had the terms backwards; out was freewheel, in was drive. As I thought, that was an easy fix, just opened up the cover, realigned and bolted it back on. Well the guy that I met has an MB, and he used to be a mechanic, so I did take some of his advice, not all. With the spring completely off, I could get the tension I needed. I also gave the chain more slack and as I thought, that fixed the grinding problem. I started her up today but the torque moved the tensioner, and now there is slack on the top of the chain was well as the bottom. Neighbor's suggestion was to move my back wheel further back and readjust tensioner accordingly.
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    I agree with furry don't go doing something permanent without checking besides it may just be a temporary fix to a permenant problem
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    The stock tensioner is not a good design anyway (it should really pull the chain from above then it would never flop over) and the bolts it comes with are known to be soft as butter so that they sometimes break when you try to do them up tightly.
    Yes, having it further forward and the wheel further back is sure to help. A straighter chain line is going to put a lot less strain on the tensioner. The chain only needs to be just clear of the bike frame.
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    Well, both the regular bike chain, and the 415 are both too short when the wheel is all the way back now. So, last problem seems to be getting longer chains now. Great, more money spent on this thing before it's even been ridden 20 feet.
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    you saved me had no idea about the ball bearing ahahaha
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    So, does anyone know what causes my bucking bar to stick out too far? I JUST bought this motor five days ago and still haven't gotten it to run. I tightened up the clutch cable and after that, I BELIEVE that may have caused the pin to stick out. How do I make it go back to its normal spot??!!
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    first, be sure the arm is all the way down in the cover and the cable is loose - if there is still a bit of resistance as you tighten the cover screws, just tighten it anyway, then open other side cover and tighten flower nut until the arm has a bit of slack

    then do your cable & clutch adjustment
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    The arm? What do you mean? Go step by step with this. I've never had done this before.
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    You don't u derstand. For some reason, I've loosened the clutch cable AND taken off the the clutch cover on the other side with the flower nut, and STILL, the bucking bar won't go back in to the normal spot. Why did this happen? It was NEVER like this before!!!
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    that flower nut threads onto the end of the rod that the bucking bar pushes - when flower nut is too loose, the rod moves out toward the other side

    you will now need to push the rod back through by putting the cover on and using the cover screws to force the cover to push the rod back in, then you can pull it in more by tightening the flower nut until the clutch arm has a little bit if play before it touches the bucking bar
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    Hello Did You Manage To Sort The Problem ?

    I Have Had The Same Issue Tonight And Found A Solution

    Problem solved for my issue with the cover of the clutch arm not fitting back on as the pin seemed to be to long.

    Hello , i had this problem today after adjusting the clutch at the Flywheel. Remove clutch cable from the arm.The problem was that i needed to tighten the clutch flywheel really tight (the Butterfly nut, the nut which is held in place by the small screw) tighten this really tight. Now try put the pin in and re assemble the cover that has the clutch arm on that sits over the cog tighten all screws. Now refit the clutch cable to the arm . Then untighten the Butterfly and adjust to required amount.
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    I don't have the issue anymore. I have a new one. I just installed a new carb because the throttle cable broke. But now I'll tried riding, and it didn't run well. I'm on a 20:1 oil ratio. Not even 100 miles in. And when I let it sit and warm up because it's been days since I last used the thing, it started smoking.....And bubbles are coming through the gas line but no gas is leaking. Any ideas? Oh, and the e clip on the needle is on the second notch going down the needle. That what I had it at before throttle cable broke. So what could it cause the engine to overheat and not run?....
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    not sure what your gas and oil are like where you are, but I always use 32:1 after run-in

    excessive smoke is most often due to leaving gas turned on when motor is not running
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    But I had the carb off for four days....So it's not the gas.
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    So 32:1 wlis what? 3 or 4 oz oil to one gallon gas?
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    Right. And 20:1 would be 6oz. That's what I have after breaking it in. But damn, I don't understand. It was working just fine before.
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    I have the same damn problem now and the last time I took both covers and flower but off. Last summer it took me days to figure out that it was some sort of balance between the clutch and bucking ball. DO NOT SHORTEN THE BUCKING BAR!!!!. I thought of doing that until I finally figured it out. Only thing is, I'm having this problem again and can't remember the solution. It does have some to do with the clutch and cam shaft allowing enough room for the bucking bar to go back in a little. I'll post again when I get this sorted out.
  19. It should just be a matter of tightening the flower nut on the clutch. As you tighten it, the shaft is pulled towards the clutch, shifting everything to the right side.
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    I think he made the same mistake and took the flower nut off again lol...

    That whole problem he's having is he can't get the clutch cover on enough to manipulate the arm so he can fully put the nut in place, at least that's what it seems like.

    My solution: start bolting the cover on using all 3 screws, just do it evenly and slowly, like a single full turn on one, then the next, and so on. The strength of the bolts alone being driven into the engine is enough to pull the clutch arm cover flush against the motor. Then adjusting the clutch is easy and done how it otherwise would be done.