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  1. Alright so I am currently working on restoring an old 1979 KE100. So, before i start buying new parts to replace the rusted old ones, i want to see if there are any trouble shooting i can do to see where i should start taking the crankcase apart and replacing things.... so the bike starts perfectly fine and i can keep it running as long as i throttle feed it gas in neutral but it will not idle for more than a second or start running in first. The gas tank is thoroughly rusted and the single cylinder and head is covered in rust. I am not sure if something might be wrong with the needle valve or if the rust in the fuel tank is causing trouble with the orifice tube/fuel valve. I also cant find the idle screw if there is one. but I am pretty sure that is not the problem. please help!
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  2. sorry wrong forum but if anybody does have the answer by all means help me out
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    It's probably gas gum in the carb- pull the carb, take off the float bowl and any top cap, pull out the innards and soak it all in a pan of carb cleaner. After a good soak use an airhose and chuck with a needle to blow out the passageways, especially the idle circuit and main jet.
    Try running with a clean gas tank rigged up with a clean fuel line for a test. That old tank will need cleaned and creamed, new filter and line.
    Just guessin but I've seen many bikes that sat too long with gas in them do this.
  4. Thank you! Its running
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    Very glad to help!