Rebuilt Whizzer clutch hub

I just completed another group of upgraded Whizzer automatic clutch hubs. It has been difficult to keep up with the demand. After I fill the balance of the orders, I will have 5 extra in stock. The price is $100.00 each with rebuildable exchange plus shipping. They are all the standard 90 MM hub and have the special hardened bearing race [Rockwell 58 rated] installed. If anyone needs a 70 MM hub rebuilt I kept 2 extra bearing races in stock [no, I will not sell the bearing races]. I also offer complete Whizzer automatic clutch repair, including drive sides with loose pins, bearings, and shoe replacement.

Contact me at, 252-475-0406 cell, or PM me.

Have fun,

Zomby Builder

70 mm

Hey Quenton. The 90 mm auto that you rebuilt for me works great. I also have a 70 mm stock auto on another bike. It seems to be OK with over 250 miles on it. Would you reccomend doing the rebuild anyway? - or should I drive it till the typical problem shows itself?