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    I have enjoyed this bike,and for more than a yr it has proven it self. no problems.
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    Great looking, but no vid? Asking because U posted on the vid section. Could U describe your engine/drive train combo?

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    to bigoilbob

    You asked about the eng and drive train.Nothing special put the kit together the way it came.I recently added an additional
    fuel cut off since it leaked,I sealed the leak though.Also added a boost bottle. Haven't had the opportunity to ride since put the boost on it.
    it's been so hot here in tx.after a year I replaced the manifold gasket,that came free with the kit. It's a BGF kit I got on e-bay for
    $134.00 free shpng.I bought the cranbrook by huffy new from Walmart for $88.00 +tax an free shpng.I have ridden all over this small tx
    town,many people stop me and ask about it.Never had any problem with the police or DPS. Afterall it's not a moped ,it's a regular bike I just
    happen to be hauling around a motor for it. I've already started a new bike on a new frame.well I could go on an on.Thanks for asking.
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