Recent simple mods=smoothest it's ever ran...

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    I think I've finally reached a pinnacle of smooth-running. I think several things helped it (most of which I learned from this site!):

    :smile: First, I replaced my fried magneto and made a good seal around its cover with gasket-maker (see pics below)

    :smile: Then, I put a Diamond Fire spark plug in and got an NGK boot with a new copper lead wire (see pic).

    :smile: Next, I finally found a full-threaded bolt for the engine mount that snapped (cruiser mount with adapter and long bolt) (see pic).

    :smile: I now use synthetic oil and have leaned out my gas mix to 30:1 for now to see if I get better starts.

    :smile: And finally, I've just been replacing bolts and nuts with at least grade-8 ones (and lock nuts/washers with locktite).

    I'd never swear that nothing else would go wrong, but for now she's runnin' like a champ! Pics below:





    Thanks for all the help, all!


  2. Lookin Good!!!!!!!!!
  3. SHARP!
    Always check that front mount before every ride,though.
    It seems that lone bolt is taking a lot.
    Any way you can make that a grade 8?
    Grade 8's are usually like a copper color... usually.
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    Also learned a new "emergency fix" for sheared front engine mounts on cruisers


    Thanks, man! And, I think you're right about that bolt, but even if you check it and it's tight, sometimes it still shears (used to) from the vibration. Actually, I DO have a grade 8.8 bolt in there (not copper-ish I guess--see new picture) and more locknuts with lockwashers, I think it should hold A LOT better than it use-ta.

    Also, I found that using a hose clamp to lightly bind your exhaust pipe to your frame (on a modified cruiser-mount) can act as an emergency-use front motor mount. At first I used the clamp as extra support for my then-weak mounting, but I now keep one in my emergency toolkit. The clamp is not on there anymore (as you see in the pics), but I'm hoping the new bolt will hold.

    Again, this site is so So SO very helpful--thanks all!!!
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    Thanx, MR-1_99. I feel confident now that my Mb is running well... I think I've got things (somewhat) figured out...for now.:cool:
  6. Always gonna be sumthin Jared, part of the fun of having these MB's....
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    very nice lookin Jaguar ! :D
    I like how you used that bolt to adjust the engine (a cool idea I may use :D)
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    Hey Jared. Sorry to hear about your fried magneto. Glad to hear that you're getting all the bugs worked out. It's all part of the learning experience.
    Example: Yesterday I finished putting a bike together and the fuel shut off leaked gas. I thought I'd have to buy a new one but decided I'd take the leaky one apart. I found a rough piece of plating on the back side of the part that turns that was causing it not to seal tight. Scraped off the plating and no more leak. Who'd of thought.
    Keep up the good work and take care of that Jaguar. Lookin good.
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    I haven't yet seen a fuel valve that DIDN'T leak gas! I just use teflon tape, and no more leaks!
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    Thanks for support!

    Thank you all the the support! And Butch, glad to catch up with you on the site!

    Well, I probably put around 20 miles on the bike today and it held up very well. Two days ago, however, I had a clutch cable fray and break near the clutch lever--luckily a cheap and easy fix after a trip to Fleet Farm and now the clutch pulls smoother from the new cable and lubricant.

    I've also been checking the bolts a lot more frequently and think it definitely helps, but after all the bolts I replaced with lock bolts and lock washers and locktite, they don't need too much attention anymore.

    Been doing a little night-riding also (see new headlight setup below), which is kinda scary, but most of my fun rides are in this nice spring MN weather. We had some scattered storms today, but for the most part the ride along the Mississippi is beautiful (I need to take and post some pics 'cause the view is incredible).

    Other than that I'm just cruising around town at a comfortable 20-25 mph and thinking about getting a better muffler and intake manifold for some more climbing power. Still having speedometer problems, too, but I keep on!


    "Ride on, throw your caution and fear away.
    Ride on, pick your line and stay." --Blew Munday

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    Ha! Yeah, I might not have known what I was getting into, but I can't say that I regret it! It was a little frustrating at first, but I soon discovered that it hasn't been anything I haven't been able to tackle (YET!).

    Nice fix!--it's funny how a little know-how can lead to some surprises on these bikes. I have a neighbor who said that filing the inside of an intake manifold so it's smooth and clean can make a difference. It doesn't seem like it'd do much to me, but he has done some motorcycle and car repair in his lifetime...

    Thanks, Butch, I appreciate it. Let me know if you need help moving a bike because I probably get at least a person a week asking about mine and seeming serious about it. Also, get a hold of me if you're in the Sauk Rapids/St. Cloud area with your bike--There's some great little out-of-the-way Mississippi River cruises that are fantastic...