recognize any parts in this build? age unknown

Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by bikeid, May 19, 2015.

  1. bikeid

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    bike1.jpg do know fenders from 49 schwinn, back 26" rim is shimano. bike2.jpg bike3.jpg

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  2. NewOrleansFlyer

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    I think the front fork is a Schwinn springer, or a clone. Crank looks like my Roadside Cruiser.. Not sure I'd ride 2 up on that though...but a very cool bike!
  3. butre

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    serial number matches a 1952 or 1957 chicago schwinn. the rear seat looks to be the one they would have used in 1957. based on the amount of visible frame modifications I'm betting it's a '57 with a couple mods that aren't quite as obvious. looks like the whole thing was hacked apart and welded back together at some point.