Recommend a bike for the 49cc HuaSheng 4G?

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by deuskc, Jul 18, 2016.

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    I recently got the 49cc HuaSheng 4G T-belt drive kit from and am looking for a good beach cruiser style bike to mount it on. As I don't have access to a full-on machine shop I'm looking for a bike that the kit will essentially fit onto right out of the box (i.e. without fabricating special motor mounts, welding, etc.).

    Can anyone recommend a bike they have successfully used with this kit without having to perform significant modifications to the kits components? I know the recommendation is generally to shop around for used bikes but in my area there just aren't that many up on craigslist and the local used bike shop is grossly overpriced (yet somehow incredibly popular because its kind of like a town icon).

    I'm looking to be in the $200 range, so far ones I've been considering are the:
    Has anyone mounted the 49CC 4G kit onto these? Are they good bikes for an MB in general?

    Thanks for any help!

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    The bikes with that secondary top tube works though you might have to saw off the smaller tube to get the entire engine with plastic casing to fit. I have a very small bike and had to remove the muffler and carb plastic casing to fit. You might want to invest in a front brake since these bikes can get pretty fast and the coaster brake might not provide enough stopping power and might break under repeated fast braking.

    Also, once you get it on, I would recommend double nutting the mounting plate bolts with a regular nut (included) and a nylon lock nut (you buy). Even though compared to a 2-stroke the vibrations are minimal these nuts and bolts do take a beating.
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    You can fit a 4-stroke in a 26" 7-speed Micargi Pantera but it's tight, you'll have to mod the plastic choke lever.
    You basically just cut it off, remove some material, and epoxy the top back on.


    I prefer it's Big Brother, the 29" Fatal Love, it drops right in with plenty of room.


    Heck you can fit most anything in that Fatal Love frame, even a 79cc HF engine.


    Unlike the Pantera with dual V-Brakes, the Fatal Love only has a coaster brake so you'll want to add a least a C-brake, I put on 2 C's so it has 3-brakes.

    You can also just fit a 4-stroke in a 7-speed Fito Modnia GT2 with the same choke mod, but since it has dual disc brakes you have to jackshaft it so well out of your budget range but cool.


    I really like the Fito parts but recently started stripping all the parts off their frame an building on custom real Skyhawk gas tank frame with the engine mount welded in, they have more room and no peanut tank.


    I will be offering kits for this later this year as they are really cool ;-}
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    Great info, thanks to you both! Admittedly, I feel like I might be a little too short (I like to call myself average) to ride comfortably on the Fatal Love. And your Pantera pics look awesome
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    Of course your 'stature' is very important to whats comfortable to ride, my web site contact form asks about that specifically, I can rule out bike and engine options right off the bat just depending on weight and in-seam.

    The MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR to me is being comfortable on the bike BEFORE you motorize it.
    If you don't love the bike before you motorize it, you'll frigg'n hate it with an engine.