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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by hybrid, Nov 25, 2010.

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    An old Hawthorne I have. Got the tank about a month ago. I've inverted the bars to give it a little boardtrack vibe. I have a few other ideas but I'd like some ideas for an engine. I've used the cheapies (BGF) off of ebay on a couple of other bikes but if I'm going to "throw-down" on something that's a little more durable, what would you recommend?

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    It's tough to get an answer on this because it is personal preference and depends on your skill level.
    If you are not a welder, it doesn't make sense for us to recommend a Briggs or Morini.
    A lot of people think the most reliable motors are Subaru Robins, but they must be rack mounted.
    Check out the Boardtracker subforum because they use a large variety of engines.
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    My first reasonable choice ( in my opinion ) would be a frame mounted 50cc 4 stroke... PLENTY of open space inside that frame!
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    hmmm, well i have 3 2 strokes that i got from B.G.F. and all 3 are reliable and powerful.
    2 of them are 66 c.c.'s and one of them is 49 c.c.'s.
    they all run great, and I have not had one problem with any of them. all 3 of my bikes will go about 30 mph, and i'm running 20" rims pn all 3 bikes with 41 tooth sprockets.
    I think a lot of the dependabilty comes down to proper installation, correct air-fuel ratios, and correct oil-fuel ratios.

    but in reality these are "throw away" engines, and all of them are very cheaply made.
    install it right, take care of it, maintain it, and it will last longer than most people think they will.
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    that sporty tank should give it some serious range

    MRJOHN New Member the dax f50 $123.00 and Free Shipping