recommend me a site to buy parts to repair plz!

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by coolshoeshine, May 20, 2009.

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    Ok heres the problem one the mounts broke while i was riding and caused the whole engine to shift resulting in the chain breaking, and my cdi box nearly being broken off! well while the engine shifted it pulled the plug wire and snapped well i only found two websites that i could find that seems like a reliable website but they don't offer two day shipping or anything quicker then 5-7 day!! any websites you guys know or any suggestions on a do your self! i tried going to a local motorcycle shop and lawnmower repair place! no luck!

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    The plug wire just screws into the cdi you can replace it with a standard automotive wire. The motor studs should be avail at a good hardware store. I used a bolt/stud upgrade kit from Sick Bike Parts. It was 9.95 and had all the right one's in it. They are very reliable on their shipping and they have a replacement plug wire too.
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    Look on the left side of the web page and youll find your answer........good luck!
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    If you are in a super hurry go to ace hardware and purchase some threaded rod plus nuts washers locktite .
    Napa sells metal core plug wire.

    You will find Sick bike parts easier and possibly cheaper they ship quick.
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    Since these parts don't seem to be related to the bicycle, i'm moving it out of the BICYCLE Repair & Modification forum, to the frame-mount forum.