Recommendations needed: cool-weather gloves with ergo padding

Discussion in 'Travelling, Commuting & Safety' started by AlphaGeek, Oct 14, 2008.

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    While I might live in the sunny SF Bay Area, it does get downright chilly in the mornings near (and especially crossing over) the Bay, even this early in the fall season. My hands weren't quite numb from the cold when I got to work this morning, but a few degrees cooler and I wouldn't have been able to feel them. I got my fill of nearly-frozen digits rowing on the Potomac in high school and don't care to revisit the joys of thawing out my hands so I can work the fasteners on my clothing.

    I'm currently riding with a nice pair of Specialized gel-padded gloves with mesh back. I like that the fingertip surfacing enables me to control my iPhone touchscreen (i.e. if I pull over to take a call) but those mesh backs do absolutely nothing to keep my hands warm.

    Any recommendations on bike gloves (or even low-profile motorcycle gloves) which will keep my hands warm and the nerves in my palms undamaged? Touchscreen compatibility would be nice but not strictly required.

    Note that I don't need true winter-season gloves -- on the rare mornings it gets below 40F here I will most likely be driving to work. :) Something comfortable in the 40F-70F range would be perfect.


  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Maybe you could consider some padded mechanic's gloves and some of those hand and foot warmers that hunters use. You know the sort of thing I mean; you shake them and after a few minutes they warm up. They're not very expensive. In your climate, I would think something like that would be plenty. No iPhone use with something like that, but you could always pull a glove off.
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    I saw some gloves in R.E.I. outfitters that have a pocket over the back of the hand to hold those orange instant heat pads. I've used them in my workboots for construction in wind chills in the teens for hours at a time, they should be great for the hands.
  4. POPS

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    Up here you can buy electric gloves, 9 volt battery = toasty warm hands...POPS
  5. AlphaGeek

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    Thanks so much for all of the replies so far.

    Perhaps I was insufficiently clear, in which case I apologize. The solutions proposed thus far in this thread are slightly overkill for where I live. Here's what I'm looking for:
    * Ergo padding to keep pressure off the nerves in my palm on my ~17mile commute ride
    * Breathable but wind/water-proof
    * No chem or electric heating required :)

    I'll be in REI later this week (hopefully) to pick up the cargo rack and other stuff I have on order, so REI-specific advice is particularly welcome.

  6. machiasmort

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    Up here in Buffalo, Walmart has gloves that are thin wieght, stretchy sort of Goretex. Many people use them for fishing as they are also waterproof. They are under $15 and stretch to almost 150% original size. They are full fingered and offer excellent feeling to the tips. They have a low slip palm (made of soft rubber).

    17 miles is a long commute. Unfortunately these gloves do little to protect your palms. Perhaps you can find the perfect size to fit over your originals or line your handles with softer grips. Thin wall pipe insulation?
  7. AlphaGeek

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    Thanks, Mort. I'll check those out.

  8. NunyaBidness

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    Get a regular pair of bicycle finger-less gloves with the ergo padding already built in, then go to your local cheapie store, wal-mart, costco, ikes dollar general or what ever, and get a pair of those cheap cotton gloves. Put the cheap gloves on, then the bike gloves on over them. That's what I've done for the last 10 winters here in Memphis. It does get cold sometimes and they work good for that but they aren't too warm when it's only down in the 50's.
  9. AlphaGeek

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    Great idea, thanks.

    Actually, I'll keep an eye out for fingerless ergo riding gloves that would fit over my thinnest winter-sports gloves. Hard to beat the price of stuff you already own, right? :)

  10. machiasmort

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    Interesting.... Didn't know you had winter in Memphis!

    Oh that's right, Elvis did do "Blue Christmas", hahaha! Just jokin!
  11. I wear padded mechanics gloves- got the, for $10 or $15 at home cheapo and they keep my hands warm- went for a ride in the mid 40s the other day and no issues with my hands... Padding could be better but over all not bad. You could buy a size larger and wear them OVER your padded bike gloves.
  12. Mountainman

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    little torn here

    man oh man yesterday early morning riding on the dark
    it was DARN COLD
    I know what most are saying -- San Diego -- it don't get cold there
    well it was cold to me anyway

    I got to get something (gloves) soon
    the home cheapo thing sounds better that nothing

    but -- I keep thinking back to many years ago
    when I had a couple of Harleys
    and loved to ride all night long in any weather
    I had bought a pair of fairly expensive gloves
    they had that little zipper compartment with built in rain coats
    not sure if you know what I am talking about
    Iam sure that they still sell them
    man oh man those gloves were THE KIND !!!!

    so Iam a little torn here
    buy something that will work ----- ok
    or go PAY THE MONEY and get the ones ???????????

    for you all that live in REALLY COLD COUNTRY
    please -- go to a motor cycle shop and take a look AT SOME REAL GLOVES

    makes it best when you --------- RIDE THAT THING
  13. NunyaBidness

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    as much as I hate cold weather you'd think I would live much further south than I do. It does get fairly cold here at times, Jan. and Feb. it sometimes gets down into the teens. There have also been times when I was outside in shorts and tee-shirt in the middle of Jan.
  14. AlphaGeek

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    Regarding the suggestion(s) to use motorcycle gear: I'm already there, and I like what I've found. :) My helmet and riding jacket are both moto gear, not bike gear. I also wear combat boots when I ride, which coupled with the helmet and jacket gets me some funny looks from the Spandex crowd on their road bikes.

    The problem with the moto gloves that I've seen is that they lack the palm padding you find in the good bike gloves. Even with front suspension, I'll tell you that properly designed palm padding is not optional at 30mph on some of the roads I ride.

    That said, the real answer may turn out to be upgrading to Ergon GP-L grips (>4X more usable surface area for palm pressure than round grips) at which point I may be able to use non-padded gloves.

    In the meantime, I can always slip on a pair of disposable latex/nitrile gloves before putting on my bike gloves, I guess. That's a definite recipe for extra sweaty hands, but as a quick hack it beats numb fingers.

  15. seanhan

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    Just stop every 2 mile and warm your hands on the exuast!!!!
  16. machiasmort

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    You took the words out of my mouth!!! Thats exactly what I do! I've got pinched nerves in my neck so my fingers go numb easy. I try to make it look like I'm making adjustment to the motor or something. Got to look cool, ya know!
  17. AlphaGeek

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    Preliminary conclusion: I bought a pair of Novara Lifeline gloves at REI, which I'll be trying out this week. Not as padded as my Specialized trail gloves, but there's some padding there.

    I also installed a pair of Ergon grips, size large which feel great and appear to do a much better job of spreading the load than traditional round grips have done for me.

    I'll post an update after I've ridden with them for a day or three, since I've read that the Ergon grip position needs to be fine-tuned to get them completely comfortable.

  18. seanhan

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    I use Sailing Gloves

    Allready had them since I sail. They work Great La:cool:st Long and are not that expensive.You can get Leather, Goatskin, I use synthetic material that doesen't get hard after it dries out. They are called black magic by a company called Harkin.
  19. V 35

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    Deerskin or Goatskin Driving gloves are a possibility, thinner than leather,
    they offer tremendous abrasion protection, should you need it. As for the
    ergonomics, at least a dozon styles of ' real motorcycle ' grips exist.
    ' Waffle " grips suck up vibration, popular on dirt bikes.
  20. Htown

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    I use mechanics/work gloves I bought at home depot they are grey with bright orange and match my other bike. They have padding on the palms, all synthetic so they easily shed grease. Cost me 12 bucks.