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    I building recumbent bike with a 5hp Honda. The fork I want to use is from a Bratz bike with a 20in wheel and springer fork. It is a Schwin type. It looks strong,but will it hold up? What you think. Louis

  2. Because every one is litigation happy, most companies over-engineer their components, especially on kids bikes. The little metal tabs that keep the wheel from falling off if you forget to tighten the front axle are known as "lawyer tabs"! Bike companies take into account that the youngsters will try to jump curbs, run into lamp posts and try to run over small animals not to mention daddy wants to try to ride it too! So I think you should be OK. Go down to the local bike shop and look at the BMX forks and and kids bikes, and if there any 'bents, check out how they are built too.
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    my only concern would be geometry...rake mainly.

    and what sort of springer forks they are... standard CHEAP telescopics are useless.

    linkage/leading link/trailing link, theres pros and cons between them all but you can tear them down when required.

    or fork out on REAL telescopics. with real fork seals that wont jam up in the first ten minutes.