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    Hi all, I'm new here and posted pretty much the same post in the newbie area but figured I'd get more looks at the topic here.

    I have a homebuilt mid wheelbase recumbent that I am just finishing. I plan on using this bike for a 15 mile one way hilly commute.

    Here is a pic of the bike:

    In it's current config the bike has 35 speeds due to the mid-drive, so it has a pretty wide gear inch range already. But I'm thinking I might like to add a frame mounted engine to assist on the commute. I am seeking guidance for the best, most cost-effective solution.

    I am totally clueless regarding these gas engines. Do the Happy Time engines require a pull start? Any ideas on how I could mount one of these engines to this frame? I want to do a chain drive. The vertical tube from the bottom bracket up to the seat is only around 9" long, so I assume there is not enough room to mount a Happy Time engine in there?

    Another question: Would it be possible to mount a custom gear cog on the rear hub disc brake mounting holes? How does everyone mount the gear on the rear wheel hub? I suppose another option would be to use the current jackshaft location to run the geartrain thru?

    Thanks , Ed
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    The HT's can be equiped with a pull start, but the question is irrelevant for you. It wouldn't fit. You'll need to go Rack Mount. People have mounted sprockets on the disc brake mount. I think there's even someone from UK that devised a way to keep the disc brake. I don't remember which threads discuss this. You'll have to do a search unless someone else chimes in here.
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    Personally I think you have a choice of three. These being GEBE (belt & sheave drive single speed), Staton and Dax Titan which are both chain drive systems. They are all rack mount.

    In the case of the GEBE that I have which is the 2 stroke 32cc tanaka I expect you'd get an easy 34-35 mph with the standard drive gear - you can add another 10% or so, maybe more given that its a recumbant, if you opt for the highway gear, but since you are doing hills I'd wait on that until you see what the standard gear will do and how much LPA you need with it.

    hope that helped

    Jemma xx