Recumbent Hand Bike with Electric assist

Discussion in 'Motorized Recumbents' started by Pezz, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. Pezz

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    G'day All

    I want to build a recumbent Hand Bike with a 180deg crank. 2 wheel version,not a trike. I have 2 artifical legs, so it will be good for my fitness :cool:

    I am thinking I can use an electric motor on the rear to get the bike up to balance speed. As the pedals will be driving the front wheel.

    Keep in mind I need to keep it as light a possible.

    Question is what is the lightest setup for me to use, running 5-600w motor as I will have to pedal the mass with my hands?

    I loved the bike built by Recumpence (Matt) :cool:

    Pezz :)

  2. skyl4rk

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    I think the answer is that any electric system will be powerful enough to use as a pedal assisted electric bike, but the weight and friction of an electric system makes it less desirable as a pedal bike with occasional electric assist.

    Hubmotors are an easy way to buy a kit and have a bike going in a few hours.

    There are other ways, but there is a learning curve.
  3. Pezz

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    My only concern is the weight of the Hub motors. If I was to use a free wheeling drive it would have reduced drag.

    I will draw my design thoughts and post soon.

    Thanks for the reply
  4. Peter

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    A brushless, geared hubmotor will freewheel, removing any cogging drag when you are not using the assist. The low down torque will also be a significant benefit if you need to climb any sort of serious hill.