Recumbent LWB with Honda 35 Moter

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    Recumbent LWB with Honda 35 Motor

    Has any one done a Long Wheel Base Recumbent like a Ryan or Infinity with the motor mounted in the front, chain drive with the power <after gear reduction> applied to the crank set on Left of main crank, 52 teeth or more. I need power assist, for hills, in my old age.
    I have an Infinity look alike that I built from 1040 moly tubing with an old Ryan seat.
    I have a Honda 35 that I plan to use. Is there an electric clutch out there that will work on the Honda motor.
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    Welcome to MBc. If you got the ability to fabricate your bike, there shouldn't be any problem in adding a motor. Start a thread to discuss it in the recumbent section, and I'll toss some ideas and opinions your way.