recumbent trike project...with motor

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  1. Ytyukon

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    I gave up on the other stuff there.
    I went out got a welding kit. the one below is my metal assault kit.
    The next pic is the recumbent trike with motor.
    I just got the frame welded up today. using 1" steel. not to heavy...not bad.
    I am moving the motor from the lowrider for now over to recumbent frame. this is gonna be the cats ass.
    lots of work to do yet. ferrari red the frame.

  2. Frankfort MB's

    Frankfort MB's Well-Known Member

    I love looking at new welders and helmets.... Mine looks like a POS and it's only a year old:p

    Cool start to a bike. Where exactly is the front and back?:eek:
  3. allen

    allen New Member

    have nearly finished this little devil another 2weeks and away..

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  4. skyash

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    How's it go with that engine?
  5. allen

    allen New Member

    Have not quite finished,I expect it to go O.K. with the gearing and expect 30klm per which is fast enough when your bum is that close to ground,this was started after dismantle of the trike I built,It was going to kill me, Trikes really should not have motors fitted,great to ride Shockers to handle,had to slow down for every corner,some photos on album at my profile...Will try to upload some of this new one when complete..
  6. allen

    allen New Member

    couple of photos,old trike,and getting there new, Allen

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