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    I have been helped with some good ideas and suggestions from several people on this forum and the way this form is handled is very much respected by me. I have contribuited very little in return so I thought posting pictures of my bikes and passing on a few thoughts maybe of some interest.

    This is my Tour Easy which seems to be a very fine bike. The custom drive system with nine gears allows a rider to climb just about any hill on standard roadways ( not good for off road riding ). traveling on level roads at 30 mph is also handled very well. The little Subaru engine turns at a fairly low rpm so the rider just hears a low rpm humm from the motor. As you can see, the motor is under the seat and can be hand started while sitting in the seat, also being low makes the handling nice. I am not sure of the gas mileage but some kits using these 35cc Subaru motors claim over 200 mpg. I would not be surprised that could also be claimed on this bike.

    On my Groundhugger posting, I said the Groundhugger did not handle as well as most production recumbents. That certainly is true of the Tour Easy. One can ride for hours in nice laid back comfort. With the engine reasonably quiet it is a pleasure on nice long rides. I also have a recumbent trike that has the same relaxed feel. It is pretty much a toss up between the two.