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    Ok I need help with my wiring I finally finished everything up had to custom fab my chain . Ok this is how my directions read.
    Black to black
    Blue to blue
    Green to ground , I hooked it up to the black is this ok?
    Yellow w/red stripe to white wire

    Now according to my directions I can't use the white wire for a light source , does that sound correct ? Thanks to all that reply

  2. 350zdrftr

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    what is the yellow /red wire ? One site said it was a ground , so if I hook up a ground to the white wire like it's asking me too won't that harm it?
  3. biken stins

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    If yellow with red stripe is coming from the stop switch splice into the blue wires. That is what instructions say. White wire is for light, 6 volt small watt light bulb. Need a switch from engine to light. May want to narrow plug gap or it may stop running at full stops. will be harder to start with light on.
    Seems a lot of different instructions for these engines.
    Have you tried it the way your instructions say ? May be easier on the system. Might think of adding a off /on switch in blue wire. Not as hard on system if you turn it off that way. Use kill switch on bars for emergancy. Good Luck.
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    No I will try it that way tonight it just worried me to hook it to the white wire
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    Most of the instructions for the china engines are blue engine to blue CDI. Black engine to black CDI. White to the kill switch. I ran one kill switch wire to the white and one to black. If you remove the mag cover you will see the black wire just grounds to the engine. I used inner tube pieces to pad my motor mounts so I don't have a solid motor to frame ground. You can power a light with the white wire but any draw on the white is dropping the output voltage of the blue wire. The white wire is on a separate winding in the mag. When you ground it out or put to much draw from a light it kills the output of the blue high voltage wire and kills the motor.
  6. Junster

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    I've read there are older Russian made motors that had a different mag that had a white designed to run a light.