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    Hi, my name is Travis, and I live in Mesa, Az. This is my first official post per Forum Custom, and so I'd like to say hello. I am a educational software consultant, have 5 kids, race off-road motorcycles, and do all of my own mechanical work on all of my vehicles. I raced Mt. bikes in College, on the ASU ClubTeam, and was one of the "official" club mechanics. I worked at "Pats Schwinn" for a while, and in High School had a job as a bicycle assembler for retail stores (Huffy Service First).

    I came across this site after seeing a motored bike parked outside of a sandwhich shop a few weeks ago, and doing a little research. I haven't built my bike yet, but my first project will be built from an older Trek Singletracker model that i have set up as a light weight single speed grocery getter.

    I look forward to learning from the experts on this site, and to hopefully, one day be able to contribute.

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    Welcome from Florida
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    Hi Red, welcome to Motoredbikes.
    You guys in Ariz. and Fl. have a lot of legal leeway from what I gather.
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    I guess so, in the past 6 months, ive seen a dozen or so motored bikes...of1 course, it could the same couple of people i see repeatedly....
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    welcome from FH :)