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    I'm building a powered recumbent with a GX35 and I was wondering about which is a good ratio between motor and wheel sproket. The wheel is a 26".

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    Here's a link to a couple gear ratio calculators. Both are safe downloads & very useful.

    Not being familiar with your particular engine (Honda?) or the drive-train you plan to use, I can only give you a ballpark answer.

    An 18:1 total reduction at 7000 rpm's will give you a top speed of about 30 mph.
    IMO, this might be kind of weak on take off & when climbing hills, requiring some pedal assist.
    A 22:1 reduction drops the top speed to 25 mph, but will take off better & be less strain on your engine.

    Please post more info & pics of your 'bent as you progress.

    Welcome to MBc.

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    It might be possible to incorporate it into the recumbent gears than going up hills would be easier. Pictures of the recumbent would be helpful.
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    Belt or chain?

    This is what I have so far. Now have to move the pedals to the front. Cut the beam about 1 foot (too long) and thinking to install the engine in front of where the pedals are now. Now another question. I'm thinking to make the reduction using pulleys and belt and the final transmision with a chain. What do you guys think about this? And seems like the 22:1 is probably better for San Francisco

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