Reelight & Rear wheel locks

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    Hello friends,

    Reelight = small front and rear light that draws power of 2 magnets that spin on the wheel, giving you free lighting! The drawback being that the lights have to be positioned on the center part of the wheel.

    Rear wheel lock= is a chackle that's mounted on the frame, and wraps around the rear wheel. it locks the rear wheel with a police chackle.

    now, why are these 2 products so popular in europe? and so difficult to get in US??

    in my bicycle quest, and pondering 2 things before my dream bike arrives. visiility & safety.
    im afraid that my bike is candy for thieves, and sinced ive decided to do the best i can! one of those nice rear locks + nyc donteventhinkboutit locks!

    put some attachments, that way we get pics...but its not my bike...ill post my pics when the bike gets here

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  2. srdavo

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    that's some really cool stuff!
    can you post a link to where they sell these?
  3. echotraveler

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    well actually the reelight is available in amazon and ebay.

    in barcelona they are mandatory......and they were pretty neet! but a nice headlight would be necesary...still no baterry!!

    and the rear chackle...not even ebay...nor amazon...ive seen them for sale in a couple of sites...ill dig them up

    edit!: found some links

    found another cool safety feature

    pinheads = basically changes your rear front and seat screws into a unique shape to screw and unscrew......
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  4. echotraveler

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    i bet we could buy them AXA here for very cheap now...since there is a trick like the one with the pen that opens them up...

    it seems this locks are very common, hardware stores have blanks for sale.......glitch..but here in puerto rico, junkys are the ones wanting bikes...not even thinking that anybody would do the grab and throw to the truck thing either....and no cordless dremels those are nightmares!
  5. Mountainman

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    when it comes to locks used in the USA

    proven with time
    must be locked to a solid object
    usually best with strong cable

    and even then it seems -- if they trully want it -- it may be gone

    the locks mentioned above work only in certain
    people friendly areas
    such as possibly
    outside the local court house or police station (maybe) ???

    ride that thing
  6. echotraveler

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    well actually that lock is just very convinient becuase its attached...but it would be safe to say that 2 locks is the basic security level we all should have.
  7. Mountainman

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    didn't mean to

    didn't mean to blast you there echoT

    I owned a bicycle shop many years ago
    and saw so many of our customers have their bicycles stolen

    some had three or four stolen while locked to solid objects
    what does one do ?

    even today Mountainman falls short
    using a what may be called (fair size) cable
    always locking to something
    still I know -- there is no guarantee that it will be there !!!

    makes it rough to ride that THING -- when it's gone
  8. echotraveler

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    hehe i didnt feel the blast part..=-)

    im a bit worried about it, cause i wanna go to work in my bike....the biggest mall in Puerto Rico...hope my supervisor lets me put my thing inside the office.....but i wouldnt let it if i was him. irony
  9. az cra-z

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    I saw an induction powered rear light (magnet) in a bike shop at least 20 years ago. Nowadays red blinkie lights are so cheap (got some at a dollar store shaped like a butterfly, awwww), go for a very long time on a pair of batteries, and keep working at stoplights (pretty important for safety); that they're hardly worth messing with. Same goes for headlights/dynamos/generators, etc. with the recent advances in LED technology.
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  11. echotraveler

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    thanx for the link fetor

    im not sure why people talk about using the rear cuff as the only fact bikes in amsterdam and paris use them along a thick cable or chain....

    never heard of it being a good thing alone.....a good cutting tool can get thru sad.
  12. echotraveler

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    Hey friends,

    Just wanted to say that my reelights are really nice!! i got the SL120 which remain lit for 2 minutes after they charge.

    the light doesn't substitute a headlight but it does add a lot of safety, i bet im much more notisable in the dark than before. The next generation of reflectors.

    i feel super cool because i have led lighting that has power from the wheel!

  13. echotraveler

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    keeping posted about reelights:

    my front reelight died for some odd reason, emailed reelights, they told me that the unit is most likely defective and are sending a new one!!

    so im pretty happy about the product.

    also im getting pretty confident, using this little lights at night. this past days ive seen too many bikers with a single battery flasher up front and one red on im PAR.

    I still wonder why this product is not popular outside europe.
  14. echotraveler

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    hey guys just wanted to update on my Reelgiths...the godo people on Denmark sent a new front reelight, this things work great! mine starts to blink on the first spinn and after charged, it stays on for at least 90 seconds.....its great!