reewheel adapter for square taper spindle

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    I'm looking for a freewheel adapter for a square taper spindle that can accommodate two freewheels. I've seen threaded cranks but they only accommodate one free wheel I've attached a picture of what I'm looking for. I'm starting a new project on a tandem bike where the motor chain attaches to the rear passengers bottom bracket. easy shift kit. :idea: any help you can give would be appreciated. peace

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  2. Bottom bracket jackshaft

    Do this. Easy conversion.



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    That's exactly what i need. where did you get the parts?
  4. The freewheel adapters, 5/8 keyed shaft, & sprockets are from Staton-Inc. The bearings are fit to the European bottom bracket adapter by dremaling the threads to fit tight. Dave Staton also sells threaded bearing holders. Check out his Giant Stilleto kit. I have used those as well on another bike. Here are some more pics. This jackshaft can be driven from either side. I actually first built it to drive on the right side. It now drives on the left.
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