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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Sgt. Howard, Aug 16, 2011.

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    I removed & plugged the vacume bypass line on this carb after I used form-a-gasket2 between the end of the intake and the carb itself. Bat outta ... they won't let me say **ll, will they? Oh well, you get the idea. Almost lost bladder control. This carb that is refered to as the POS carb- undo the CARB BS and it performs! Working on an aluminum insert to replace the nylon one- I personally belive it crumbles to gasoline, not heat... but either way a milled aluminum sleeve will remove the issue. Just another item to stock for sale, eh?
    the Old Sgt.

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    Could you post a pic or 2? I just got the same carb and am wanting to make it all it can be.
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    Yes, I second that. The CNS I got with kit, is nothing but a good paper weight at this point. I'm using an order speed carb. Please send pictures if you can.I would LOVE to get this CNS V2 working.

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    Here goes- this has gone through three computers so far and is YET to get to this website- it got zipfiled and I'm not sure it will translate well here.
    the Old Sgt.

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    OK- it made the trip. The vacume plug and the fuel line are both SAE on Metric fittings- I learned a while back that threading a nut of the appropriate size on rubber hose will tighten down a sloppy fit to a snug/tight one. Besides, it looks cooler than a hose clamp and is cheaper. The hole in the back of the filter housing is still open, I need to plug it- but that should be no trick. ALSO- I coverd the carb end of that silly nylon bushing with form-a-gasket2 as well as the front of the manifold... just a thin film, mind you... I figure if the fuel can't get to it, it ought to hold longer. I also filled the gap and put it at the bottom. We'll see how well that works.
    the Old Sgt.
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    **** sarge! that nut instead of a clamp is brilliant! whyd i never think of that? i been screwing around with bits of tie wire everytime i change between MIG and TIG cus i only have one regulator (and possibly eleven welders? wtf? :lol: ) but now? now all my problems are solved!

    any want to experience incontinence on a china pos before the prostate kicks the bucket? pipe pipe pipe pipe pipe dreams! all in the exhaust pipe on a 2stroker, its ALL in the pipe...

    well, ok, the carb does help cus i guess you do need fuel to get in somehow in the correct proportions... bit like how tnt burns versus detonates! burning...incorrect proportions! detonating? now thats more like it!

    (yeah, ok, tnt isnt a terribly good example... if you light it it will just burn all smoky :( but give it a reallly good thump at the same time, stand back! and if i start going into chemistry everyone will fall ashleeps :( )
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    So... who do I talk to about an education in pipes?
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    What did you do with the little hose on the very bottom of the carb? I just capped off the vacuum line and have this "bottom" line open... Sorry if you covered it already, I don't know the name of it. Also I am confused by the "C" clip placement, I need to go richer so I moved the clip down, is this correct?
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    Steelfan- yes, moving the clip down will make it rich- if you cap off the aforementioned vacume line you might want to lean it out. The hose on the very bottom? Overflow- do not block it. If your float valve sticks open for any reason, this is where the fuel escapes. The hose is so you can direct it away from hot things.
    Cloud- thanks for the links.
    the Old Sgt.
  11. steelfan41

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    Thanks Sgt. I actually decided to go back to my basic NT carb. It gave me decent enough performance, I'm adding an expansion chamber in a few weeks, then I'll worry about the carb....maybe get a deltorro (sp?).