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Nov 1, 2008
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I am new to the forum and have been planning on buying a NE-5 24 inch in yellow. I just saw the sneek peek photos and really like what I see. Does anyone know if the new model will be available in the 24 inch as well as the 26 inch size? Also, does anyone know what colors will be offered? Do you think they will carry over the colors from the NE-5? Thanks for all your help and I am very happy to have found this forum. :) :) :)
Whizzer NE-R

HI Z06, well the word to the dealers was that the first several batches would be 26" black vesion, with other colors coming later. The tradition with WhizzerUSA has been to offer the 24 and the 26, and I seem to remember a mention of the Blue, and red, not sure about other colors, nor do I remeber any metion of scheduling on 24" models. I've not seen the new wheels and tires in 24 yet, so time will tell.

Maybe someone else remembers something about the color/shipment projections?

Right now it looks like it will only be available with the 26" tires because they are the 26 x 3" tires that are used on the Ambassador. I haven't seen 24 x 3" tires yet. As to the colors, I haven't heard anything yet.
Regarding the 24" NE5, if it is available I would strongly suggest buying it. The NE5 values are climbing.
Be sure to read any posts about the Ambassador before you make your decision, as many of the parts and systems are the same as on that bike. If they caused problems on the Ambassador, they will likely be problematical on the NE-R.