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    I made the standard 50cc HT kit on a walmart bike, and everything works fine and dandy. I added headlights, speedometer, taillights, and going to add a mirror. Since I am in NJ, if I were to get it street legal, I would need to pass DOT requirements and standards. However, I don't have a VIN for this bike since I built it myself. I figured I could take the serial number of the bike and abide by the formula of 17 digits to create a VIN, and the VIN checkers all now detect a 2016 model other make moped.

    However, I am very confused about how I would take upon this as I am only 15, and considering I would need insurance for it, which will require me to submit the forms to get it registered, would this require me to thoughtfully form a VIN to avoid having problems getting insurance for it?

    The registering form also requires pictures of the mopeds EPA regulations and noise labels, as well as NHTSA labels certifying it for on-road usage, which I believe the Chinese kits do not come with.

    Currently I am thinking of handing the form in without the special EPA regulations and labels, but I want just to make sure as how this would work before handing in the form. Perhaps anyone on this forum has gone through a similar process?

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    Have any friends in PA? I know that you can get it registered rather easily in PA if you know the tricks. Not sure about the ability to register an already registered vehicle in PA, but sometimes there are simple statutes that make it easier to get it done in your own state if you get the majority of the work done elsewhere.

    Are mopeds in NJ required to be inspected? If so can they be inspected elsewhere and the inspection is transfered? In PA, no inspection is needed, you can do that if wanted, but it's not needed to get it insured and registered and that can get you a plate. Only trick is getting a title, but that's really simple, especially since Vin checkers now support off brand custom built mopeds :)

    Let me know if you need special help in this, I can't help you on the NJ side of things, but if you do the research on the way it works cross state (like if you bought a moped in new York or PA, and brought it home with you) and see it'd be a good way to get it registered, then let me know, either I can provide the help you need to make it work or can provide the information you'll need to get it to work.
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    Hey actually the inspection is exempt on motorized bicycles in jersey. Same site that guy posted, under in inspection menu.

    That means you just need to aquire a title and insurance and you'll be good
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    OK here's something on that nhtsa label, the people in this thread are also from Jersey, look at it.

    Epa labels and noise labels can be made up and stuck to the bike, the nhtsa labels and epa labels are printed up by the MANUFACTURER which is why they don't all look the same, but they have their engineers and testers check to see if the vehicle meets regulations, then slaps a sticker on it.

    Now the problem arises when the manufacturer sells thousands of these and sticks stickers all over them and then we find out that they aren't to spec, and that makes recalls and lawsuits happen.

    Your backyard moped is up to you to make epa compliant, if you don't you can still stick a sticker on it and say there you go, now if you take it to an inspection station you'll fail on the spot, but since it's not required in jersey to get inspected you don't even have to second think it.

    Look up some examples of those labels, get creative with it and make a set up and continue down the road to legality.

    (it's almost like dot certified helmets, the manufacturer puts an 8 pound bowling ball in the helmet, then drops it from 10 or 15 feet and if it doesn't break the helmet it passes, not much of a test, and could sometimes pass with shear luck, but it's enough to make the helmet safe for everyone)
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    Thanks a lot so far, and your advice gave me some hope I can someday get it street legal. I found this form lurking around:

    I figure that if I put the bikes serial number plus a couple 0's in the VIN slot and register as a 49cc, I should be good to go. You seem to know a lot more about this process. Would this be the right thing to do?
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    Sure, but there's an odd rule about 0s, like it can't be a certain digit in the Vin, look it up, maybe get a little more creative than a bunch of zeros, and check the rules on off brand mopeds and the Vin numbers.

    The hardest part is a title, but you can aquire a manufacturer's certificate of origin, that you can customize to your home built bike and vin
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    About the certificate of origin, if I just give them the receipt for the bike and then the 13 digit serial number, I should be able to get a plate and VIN, and then insurance? The
    insurance company will insure anything that has a plate on it.
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    Can't register without a title, and can't get a title without a certificate of origin...

    ...or you can take it to the dmv to get it inspected and fill out a bunch of forms and then have it titled as a custom built motorcycle or moped, it will be a lot harder and more expensive to pull off the second way. Also it will probably get a single glance and be failed due to it being a bicycle and a Chinese motor with no epa ratings or any other fancy things they want to see.

    I'm telling you it's not a walk in the park to get this done, otherwise everyone and their brother would do it, at least in PA, and Jersey as far as I can tell, it's no walk..

    If I did it the hard way then somebody let me know, I cringe when people ask me how to get a plate and get legal...
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    And where do I get a certificate of origin? There has to be some easy way.
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    There's a simple way but I'd have to discuss it in the private messages, it also relies on you doing a few things on your own, those things can be a but of a pain to do as well but it worth it.
  13. Ok not to sound like an as* but dude if your only 15 you cant register a motorized bicycle becuase even if it where under the 50cc limit that most states have to ride unlicensed your not 16 and on top of that you could probably get it register but again most states are going to require you to get some kind of liability insurance again not 16 so why even attempt to get it registered just do what all the rest of us do just say its 48cc no one will ever know the difference just dont get caught by 5 0 riding that thing or you may end up with a ticket or worse
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    You don't sound like an ass, but you definitely sound like you have no idea how to use punctuation...

    The point was that he wanted to figure out how to register a bike, what's amazing is he's 15 and actually cares about it, unlike a good number of adults who failed English class and just don't give a f**k about things when they should.
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    I have a friend who has a moped license and is also 15, as in the state of NJ you have to be minimally 15 to get a moped license. The issue is that his is a real honda 50cc moped, which was easy to title and register. I just want to know how to get this thing that I built up and running on the road without the constant fear of a cop ruining my life.
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    I've never had a problem with the police so far.... Time to test my luck with a 212cc engine:) ;)
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    A motorized bicycle is not necessarily a moped. A good example of that is in Wisconsin. A bicycle does not have to have the requirements of a moped if used under 30 mph. No VIN, no insurance, no plates or drivers license. I have not seen the police having any problem with the distinction, and they license mopeds as a separate category from motor driven cycles. NJ could be different, but by federal law my understanding is in most cases, a motorized bicycle has the right to the road up to 20 mph and not be subject to the laws of a motor vehicle. The state may challenge that and cause a rider a lot of grief and expense, but it may not hold up on appeal, in my opinion
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    Yes it's primarily a local view on things, around here, a motorized bicycle is just another object that can move on the road. You operate it like a complete idiot and you can either run away from the cops, or get the bike taken to the impound lot and get a fancy fine. Our police department has around 5 cameras on each car, that means that if you do manage to get away, they not only have a picture of your bike and you (thanks to the handy sky cams all over the city stuck upon the intersection lights) they will also have evidence of your attempted evasion of the police. Eventually every cop will know what you and your bike looks like, know where you ride in general, and perhaps even have a 20 on your neighborhood.

    That just means it's a matter of time for you to get caught, end up in the county jail, no bike, several hundred or even thousands of dollars in fines, and undeniable video evidence that you were the jackass who deserves the appending shitstorm that's about to hit you!

    Now, I find it easier to just follow the rules, and to let other drivers have the right of way, don't impede the normal traffic routine, and that way I'm not on any body's radar because I'm simply not a problem.

    Most of Jersey is city-like, and the officers there almost definitely have much much MUCH more important things to take care of than worrying about bicycles that have a motor in them. Have the police pulled you over in a fully legal vehicle just because they felt like it? No probably not. They aren't out to get you, I don't know why so many people think that... I will also say I'm very much white, lately certain peoples seem to think that skin color has something to do with it but I think it's a bunch of bologna. But still if there is any truth at all to it then being a cracker probably helps at least a little. I will also note that at least half out local police force is black, so somehow the whites and blacks managed to put the same uniform on and play on the same team without society falling apart at its foundation. And the only time I got pulled over it was by white cops, so I'm not sure what that means either.

    Off topic but it's 2am and I had a few beers, just finished rebuilding my electrical box holder for my bike, and got not much else to do.

  19. Didnt know it was 15 in NJ here in IL its 16 my bad
  20. One thing you need to think about is a lighting system that passes DOT inspection meaning what kind of lighting system is on a car.

    As well as i believe you have to have at least a left mirror you may need both.

    You would need a number preferably the serial number from the bicycle normally located under pedal crank. I believe this is what people are using to register it as a custom moped on vin checkers.

    There maybe other stuff you may have to do but in IL thats pretty much all i have to do. As well i can say im pretty sure you would still need some kind of liability insurance on it but best of luck